March 29 Is Now a Flex Workday

Flex Workday

In keeping with the other Teacher Workdays that we have had this year, March 29 will be a Flex Workday. This is a day designated for teachers to work on report cards, plan for instruction, and complete other tasks related to their work.

If your responsibilities allow it, teachers will have the flexibility to decide where to work on March 29, including from home or another place of choice. Schools will be open during regular business hours, and teachers are welcome to be in school for all or part of the day. Utilities will operate as on a normal school day schedule.

School-based office associates and other school staff scheduled to work on March 29 also may use March 29 as a Flex Workday, if permitted by their responsibilities and approved in advance by their principal. Please consult with your principal to determine if you need to physically be present in school or if you are able to work from another location.

Your principal will share more information with you regarding the expectations of the day.

We hope the flexibility of this day allows you to complete the necessary tasks in a manner that best suits you.