Important End-of-Year Technology Information

technology tips

Wow, what an amazing, unprecedented year we have had! Thank you for all of your hard work making sure our students were successful this school year. The Department of Technology wishes you the best summer! Before you leave for the summer or take some time off, here are some reminders and tips to keep in mind:

Change your Password!

  • We recommend that you change your password before you leave. For the most secure password, think about a password phrase that makes sense only to you.
  • Did you know that we have a Self Password Portal that you can set up? Once you enroll, you can reset your password and unlock your account by answering several personal security questions. This would be a great task for you to complete before you leave for the summer, in which case, you won’t need to do it in October when we will require passwords to be changed.
  • We will also be requiring students in grades 3-12 to change their password this fall, by October 14. This will allow for digital citizenship learning to occur prior to the required password change.

Reimage your computer!

Having your computer reimaged is best practice to make sure you have the most up to date and currently available software and teaching tools. And your laptop will perform best with a new image. Reach out to your assigned TSS or LTI to assist you with this process.

Continue to use your Cautious Lens!

Remember to delete those Spoofing, Hacking and SPAM emails and to never give out any personal information. ACPS will never ask for your password! Check out this video to learn more about using your “cautious lens”: ACPS Phishing Training.

Are you departing ACPS?

  • Make sure you turn in your assigned technology to your supervisor.
    Our Google support site can assist you with taking your digital assets with you.
  • Any Google asset that may be needed by your PLC or other faculty, make sure that resource is moved to a Shared Google Drive. Our resource, Guidelines for Working in our Shared Drive, will support this transition of Google assets.

We sincerely hope that you have an amazing summer! We look forward to seeing you in August!