How Does Open Enrollment Connect With the Payroll Clarity Project?

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Now that Open Enrollment is open, you may be wondering how your benefit selections tie into the Payroll Clarity Project. Although the employee premium rates for medical and dental benefits are not changing in 2022, the deductions will look a little different as we transition to a Positive Pay model. Take a look at the following video presentation for more details on how this transition will impact your benefit deductions: Continue reading

Illuminate Data Entry for the First Quarter of 2021-22

Illuminate Education

Elementary Teachers: Some questions have arisen regarding what specific data should be entered into Illuminate for the first quarter. The Illuminate Requirements document highlights by grade level which assessments are required to be entered. We are requesting that all data be entered no later than Friday, November 12.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Molinaro for English Language Arts or Neely Minton for social studies.