Opportunity for Teachers, TAs, OAs & Athletic Coaches

Bus Driver on Athletic Trip

Attention Teachers, TAs, OAs, and Athletic Coaches: Would you like to help our student athletes while earning extra income? Transportation Services is in need of Substitute School Bus Drivers for athletic trips during the week and weekends. We also have driving work available over the summer. Apply now »


  • Receive pay during the entire trip (from when the bus leaves to pick up the students to when the bus is parked after the trip).
  • Flexible scheduling: Choose in advance which trips to drive.
  • Receive training pay to obtain your CDL.
  • Work with a diverse group of drivers—GEDs to PhDs!
  • Receive a competitive wage based on driving experience.
  • Drive without distraction—the coach is on the bus to work with the student athletes.
  • Coaches that drive are paid even during the game.
  • Non-exempt staff earn 1.5 OT as soon as their total hours (school plus driving) for the week exceed 40 hours.

Our training program has changed from previous years. Applicants may attend the DMV portion of classroom training July 8-12, from 4 to 8 p.m. at VMF, or they may take the required permit tests at DMV themselves without attending the DMV class. After obtaining their permit through either method, applicants must then attend VDOE training July 15-19, from 4 to 8 p.m. at VMF. After VDOE training, applicants must spend another 40 or so hours in behind-the-wheel training. Class time, behind-the-wheel training, and sub driving will be paid by Transportation at a non-VRS rate commensurate with school bus driving experience. The current base wage is $12.52/hour, but a higher rate has been proposed and is pending School Board approval.

Sub driving must not interfere with regular job responsibilities.  Interested applicants need to apply online. Training is scheduled to be completed before school starts in August.

In response to your application, a member of the Transportation team will contact you.

Questions? Please contact James Foley, Director of Transportation, at jfoley@k12albemarle.org or 434-973-5716  ext. 12213.