Teacher Transfer Requests for 2020-2021

Two Teachers

Teacher Transfer Requests are now open to all tenured teachers desiring consideration for new assignments for the 2020-2021 school year. Teachers who are on a Performance Improvement Plan or who will be on an active improvement plan for the upcoming school year are not eligible to apply for a transfer. All other teachers are welcome to apply for jobs online as vacancies become available.

A web-based form will be used for submission of requests for tenured teachers. Human Resources will send your information to your current principal as well as your requested schools. See below for directions on how to access the Teacher Transfer Request Form.

Teachers interested in transfer consideration should frequently review the county’s Job Listings for opportunities. You must indicate your interest in a position by submitting job applications as appropriate. Teachers are expected to inform their current principals of their decision to apply for a transfer. Principals may contact other principals for references prior to interviews being scheduled. Please note: There is no guarantee of transfer.

Important Dates for 2020

February 29 – Deadline for Transfer Form for tenured teachers for guaranteed screening as follows:

  • You may select up to three (3) schools for priority transfer consideration.
  • You may apply for additional schools, but the screening is only guaranteed for the three schools you indicate on the transfer form.
  • Vacancies may become available prior to the February 29 deadline, so you are encouraged to submit the Transfer Form as soon as possible.
  • If you are interested in transferring to a department (e.g., Instruction or Technology), you should not use this process. You may apply directly to a job posting.

Ongoing through June 15 – Apply for positions as they are posted.

  • Transfer candidates: Pay close attention to the ACPS Job Listings website and apply for positions for which you would like to be considered.
  • Unless otherwise noted, you must apply for a position within the first three days of its posting for priority consideration.
  • By June 8 – All transfers job applications should be submitted.

June 15 – Deadline for principals to make transfer decisions.

The deadline to submit the Transfer Request Form for priority consideration is February 29, 2020; however, a tenured teacher may apply for a transfer before June 15, 2020.

For more information, please refer to School Board Policy GCI, Assignment and Transfer.

Teacher Transfer Request Form

Access the Teacher Transfer Request Form using the following login instructions with a PC using Internet Explorer:

  • If you are only asked for username and password, enter them as follows:
    • Username: schls\your username (the same username you use to sign on to your computer)
    • Note: For \ use the key above Enter/Return.
    • Password: your password (the same one you use to sign on to your computer)
  • If you are asked for username, password, and domain, enter them as follows:
    • Username: your username (the same one you use to sign onto your computer)
    • Password: your password (the same one you use to sign onto your computer)
    • Domain: schls

If you have any questions, please contact Traci Brooks in Elementary/Instructional Support or Jennifer Weller Kim in Secondary Education.