Winter Break & Spring Break Pay for Non-Exempt 10/11-Month Employees

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When “Positive Pay” was implemented as part of the Payroll Clarity Project in January 2022, we determined that there would be situations in which many 10/11-month, non-exempt (overtime-eligible) regular employees would not have scheduled work for an entire pay period. In response, the school board appropriated funds to support our 10/11-month non-exempt staff so that all regular, non-exempt staff would be eligible for pay for at least five (5) days in all two-week pay periods during the school year. In the current school year, these funds provide for up to six (6) additional days of pay for these impacted staff members.

Here is what this means for the 2022-23 school year:

  • During the work period from December 17-30, 2022, 10/11-month non-exempt staff are not scheduled to work, but they will be paid for five (5) days during that work period. This includes 180-, 182-, 184-, 185-, 191-, 200-, and 220-day non-exempt staff. The identified dates are December 19, 20, 21, 28 and 29. Should a situation arise where a 10/11-month non-exempt employee works on one of those dates, they should clock in as usual and they will be paid straight time for the work performed on these days, in addition to the days of pay provided in the budget. This work period is paid on the January 6, 2023 paycheck.
  • For the pay period that encompasses Spring Break, 10-month, non-exempt 180-, 182-, 184-, and 185-day employees will be paid for March 31, 2023, as it is a non-scheduled workday. Similarly, if they work during that unscheduled time, they will be paid straight time in addition to the day of pay provided.

Note: Established leave policies still apply for staff who miss scheduled work days.