Archived Courses in Schoology & Two Action Items for Secondary Teachers

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In an effort to support students in preparing for state-wide tests, AP exams, or completing missing work, the Department of Technology, in collaboration with the Department of Instruction, will enable access to all archived courses in Schoology to all Schoology users, including students and teachers, on Friday, January 29.

All 6-12 students and teachers will have access to all enrolled courses, regardless of course year or course term, because archived courses will remain accessible beyond the end of the course term. An archived course retains all content and enrollments—rosters, materials, gradebook, etc. Please note: To maintain the integrity of course assessments, teachers will need to unpublish all assessments including quizzes and tests in archived courses as necessary.

This detailed resource has been created to help teachers understand how to view and interact with their archived courses. The following two action items should be completed by secondary teachers:

  • Please share the click path to archived courses with your students who need to access an archived course.
  • Instructors should unpublish Assessments, Quizzes, Tests, etc., to preserve the integrity of their assessments, quizzes and tests.

If you need additional support with Schoology, please reach out to your school’s assigned Learning Technology Integrator.