Video Spotlight: Decision-Making and Planning for This Year and Next

video message

We’re reaching out this afternoon to share two new video messages from Superintendent Matthew Haas: Looking Ahead to This Summer and Next Year and Planning During the Pandemic.

Dr. Haas recently announced the division’s plans to open the 2021-22 school year on August 23 with five days per week of in-person instruction for all students. He also shared plans to open an all-virtual school next year and to offer free summer programming to all students this summer. Dr. Haas shares some insight into those plans through this video message:

In a second video, Dr. Haas is joined by Jim Foley, our Director of Transportation; Emily Sims, school nurse at Baker-Butler Elementary School; and Seth Kennard, principal of Baker-Butler, to discuss the factors that informed our decision to remain in Stage 4 for the duration of the current school year. Check out the discussion in this video message: