Message from the Superintendent: A Cautious Step Forward in Our Return to School Plan

Superintendent Matthew Haas

Dear Families/Colleagues:

As I continue to talk with our public health experts, visit schools to talk with employees, and hear from our parents and students, I’m learning a great deal about the depth of challenges we all face. I’m also learning about the incredible talent, determination and caring of our families and staff, qualities that cannot be diminished by a virus. And, I’m learning that I have not said “thank you” enough.

I hope you will take a few minutes to watch my video message and hear what I consider to be a very important message for all of us:

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ACPS COVID-19 Dashboard

Impact of COVID-19

ACPS recently launched the ACPS COVID-19 Dashboard to provide our students, parents, employees, and community members with an accurate and current account of the impact of COVID-19 across our school division.

Our dashboard will report the number of confirmed cases experienced by students and staff who are learning or working in person, as well as contractors who work in our buildings. Continue reading

Second Quarter Accommodation Requests


With the School Board’s decision last night to move to Stage 3 for the second quarter, staff who are requesting accommodations should now proceed with submitting these requests as previously communicated.

Impacted staff who may need accommodations include PK-3, ESOL, and Special Education teachers, and the respective teaching assistants who serve these student groups. Employees in other assignment areas serving those groups also should submit an accommodation request if they feel they are unable to work in person for the second quarter. Continue reading

Superintendent Will Recommend a Move to Stage 3

Return to School 2020-21

Dear Colleagues:

At tomorrow evening’s School Board meeting, I will be recommending a move to Stage 3 of our Return to School plan. During their meeting, the Board will vote on whether or not to proceed to approve my recommendation, which provides for a modest increase in the number of students who will be invited to receive face-to-face instruction beginning on Monday, November 9. Continue reading

Stage 3 Details: Survey, Informational Video & Draft Slides

Return to School 2020-21

Dear Colleagues,

At their upcoming meeting on October 8, the Albemarle County School Board will decide whether the school division will progress to the next stage of reopening (from Stage 2 to Stage 3). The school division will remain in its current stage (Stage 2) through at least the end of the first quarter. The Board’s decision will impact the second quarter of the school year, which begins on November 9. Continue reading

Accommodation and Leave Requests


As we progress through our Stages of Returning and employees’ needs change, the division understands that staff may need to request leave or other accommodations because they are unable to fulfill the duties and work expectations of their positions. Human Resources has provided information about accommodation requests, leave requests, separation of employment, important dates, and deadlines in the Accommodation and Leave Requests document. Continue reading

A Message About Our School Calendar

School Year Calendar Lion Cover

Dear Colleagues:

Tomorrow morning, we will share the following message with our school families; however, we wanted to share the information first with you.

Dear School Division Families,

We have received many inquiries about the status of the Albemarle County Public Schools annual calendar print publication. We love that our annual calendar brings joy and value to so many of our school families, and we are disappointed to share with you our decision not to publish one for the 2020-21 school year. Continue reading

Policy on Masks and Acceptable Face Coverings

Mask Barrier

On August 27, 2020, in consideration of the recommendations issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), and the Thomas Jefferson Health District (TJHD), the Albemarle County School Board adopted an emergency Policy on Masks and Acceptable Face Coverings for all students, staff, visitors and vendors, and children and staff in ACPS child care programs. Continue reading