Health Policy Update on Tobacco Use

no smoking no vaping sign

At their business meeting last week, the Albemarle County School Board approved Learning for All, the school division’s new five-year strategic plan. Among the updates to the division’s previous plan is the adoption of equity, excellence, family and community, and wellness as our core values.

In keeping with this commitment, the board also improved its policy on the use of tobacco and nicotine vapor products. To further protect employee health and wellness, tobacco and nicotine vapor products no longer can be used or possessed on a school bus; on property owned or leased by the division; or at any school-sponsored activity, on-site or off-site.

Among the benefits available to all employees is BeWell Albemarle, a website that offers a menu of programs, activities and resources that promote good health. Among these is Be a Quitter, which offers options for employees who would like to quit smoking, vaping, and tobacco use.

Keeping worksites safe and healthy has been one of our great success stories this past year, due in large measure to the support and collaboration of employees who have followed public health guidance to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. The updated policy (GBEC, Tobacco Products and Nicotine Vapor Products) offers employees a continuing opportunity to protect the health of all colleagues and visitors.