A New Look to Your School Week Comes Into Focus on August 16

Strategic Plan: Learning for All

Recently adopted by the school board, the division’s new five-year strategic plan, Learning for All, updates our mission, vision, values and goals, with the objectives and strategies that will bring them into practice. Beginning next Monday, August 16, when you log in to your computer for the first time each week, you will gain greater insight into how our new strategic plan will shape your school or department.

Each week, in a pop-up format, a different administrator will bring the plan to life by sharing their thoughts on how their school or department will benefit from the strategic plan. We will also update you on the important events and recognitions scheduled that week. As we prepare to welcome more than 13,000 students back to our schools for the first time since March 2020, Learning for All will call upon the contributions of every one of us!