Daily Substitute Rate Increase (Effective Immediately)

Growing bar graph with US dollars

Substitute teachers are a vital part of our ability to support student learning, and at no time have they been more critical to this mission than during the COVID-19 pandemic. ACPS substitute teachers have been extraordinary partners in serving our students. In spite of ever-shifting circumstances, they have been flexible; they have taken on the most immediate of challenges; they have mastered diverse situations; and they have been tireless in ensuring that all students are supported.

Historically, we have filled our substitute teaching needs at a rate of 70% or higher. Currently, however, our fill rates are struggling to reach 50%. Simply stated, we need to strengthen this valuable resource by increasing the number of highly-qualified substitute teachers who can serve in our schools, and central to our ability to recruit additional talent is our ability to be competitive in the marketplace.

Therefore, effective immediately, we are implementing a Daily Substitute supplement pay increase of more than 40%. Daily Substitutes currently earning $97 per day will be eligible for a temporary added daily supplement of $43, increasing their daily rate to $140. ACPS Certified Licensed Retired Teachers currently earning $125 per day will also be eligible for this temporary added daily supplement of $43, increasing their daily rate to $168. This change applies to all those who provide Daily Substitute teaching (Daily Substitutes, Retirees, Teachers, and Teaching Assistants participating in the Substitute Incentive Program) and will remain in effect through June 30, 2022.

Click here for more information about this rate increase, including eligibility details and important reminders. Please direct any questions to Daphne Keiser, Director of Educator Quality.