Interested in Driving a Bus to Earn Additional Pay?

Are you interested in earning some extra money? Have you ever considered taking on a bus route outside of your regular workday? That’s now a possibility… come drive a school bus! Worried that you don’t have a commercial driver’s license (CDL)? That’s not a problem! Our Transportation Services Department has a training program that will allow you to earn your CDL in time to drive for the 2023-24 school year! If you already have a CDL, you may be able to start driving sooner!

Superintendent Haas recently shared this brief video celebrating the work of Lakeside Middle School teacher Jeff Matriccino, who has taken on additional duties driving a school bus in the afternoon.
Our bus drivers make such a big impact in our community! This recruiting commercial featuring bus driver Michelle Stanislaus illustrates why our drivers are so important.


Employees who hold a primary position outside of transportation and take on driving a bus will be paid as bus driver substitutes. For driver substitutes, the hourly rate is based on years of experience as a bus driver (see the table to the right).


Please let us know by completing this Google Form: Employees Looking to Drive.

Want to learn more?

Contact Brandon Edwards, Talent Acquisition Analyst.

Years of Experience as a CDL DriverHourly Rate