WeVideo: The Media Editor You’ve Always Wanted!

WeVideo logo

The Department of Technology is excited to announce our new video, audio and screencast editing platform: WeVideo! Earlier this year, Microsoft discontinued the availability of the Video Editor on student and staff devices, requiring us to find an alternative. We’ve heard your feedback, and we’ve made WeVideo available to all instructional staff and students in grades 3-12.

WeVideo is a practical tool that easily integrates with your curriculum, engaging your students in a whole new way by providing opportunities for voice and choice. It’s simple to get started for young students, but it still provides many advanced editing features.

WeVideo offers the following exciting features:

  • Ability to set up a classroom, add students, and create assignments
  • Real-time collaboration on projects between students and staff
  • Live, in-video teacher feedback tools
  • Schoology integration for Grade Passback
  • Web-based (no download required)
  • Content library (stills, audio, video) that is licensed for free use in your projects
  • Assignment idea library, sortable by grade and subject and aligned to ISTE standards

Reach out to your LTI to explore project-based ideas for your classroom, such as:

Check out our WeVideo web page for more information and resources, and keep an eye on the PLMS to enroll in our professional learning series to learn more about using this exciting tool to enhance your instruction!

To get started, log in to ClassLink and look for the WeVideo icon on your LaunchPad!