A Message from HR: Prioritize Your Physical & Financial Well-Being

spring break sunscreen message on beach background

While you’re taking some well-deserved time away from your work over Spring Break, we encourage you to prioritize something equally important: your physical and financial well-being. Take advantage of the downtime and schedule an annual physical (Check out our BeWell Bucks campaign articles!) AND review your retirement savings strategies (Don’t have one? NOW is a great time to start!) with one of our Lincoln 403b, Nationwide 457, or Hybrid Plan/Commonwealth of Virginia 457 plan representatives. (Contact information is available on our Retirement Savings web page.) Take time to take care of YOU: Future YOU will thank you!

Also, remember: This week’s pay is the third payroll in March. The only deductions taken from a third payroll in a month are taxes, mandatory deductions like child support and garnishments, and payments for amounts owed. Normal deductions will resume in the April 12 pay. Please keep this in mind as you review your pay stub in the ADP Employee Portal.