Important: If You Haven’t Had Your Computer Reimaged, You Won’t Be Able to Connect to the ACPS Network Beginning Feb. 14

Windows 10 Important Update

Last summer, the Department of Technology announced a plan to reimage every ACPS computer assigned to staff and students. The purpose of the reimage was to update our computers to Windows 10, the current Microsoft operating system. This update serves to protect our network from data breaches and viruses that can negatively impact our employees and students. The original deadline for this project was October 1, 2019; however, there are still employees who have not scheduled with their TSS to have their computer reimaged.

Please note: Any computer that has not been updated to the Windows 10 operating system by February 14, 2020, will no longer be able to log in to the ACPS network.

If you have a device that has not been reimaged and is using an operating system that is not Windows 10, please be proactive and contact your TSS for assistance. Computers running older and unsupported operating systems pose a safety and security risk for our network.

If you have a laptop that is dedicated to running a specialized application, please contact Nita Collier to create a personalized plan.

Do you have a Mac laptop?

In addition to upgrading every computer to Windows 10, the school division made the decision to end support for Mac laptops over a year ago. Older Mac laptops also will not be able to connect to our network after February 14, 2020.