2023 ACPS Vaccination Clinic Schedule

Serve the Community - Give the Gift of Immunity

BeWell Albemarle is happy to announce that ACPS and Giant have partnered again this year to bring important vaccinations to 50 locations throughout Albemarle County. All ACPS employees (including part-time, temporary, substitutes, interns, and student teachers) are eligible to receive flu and other vaccinations with no out-of-pocket cost, even if you do not participate in the school division’s health insurance plans.

On-site vaccination clinics are scheduled to start this Thursday, September 28, and will continue into mid-November. You are welcome to attend any clinic held at any location listed on the schedule. You are not limited to your work site or the date on which your work site falls.

What to Bring With You

Please bring proof of identification with you to the clinic of your choice. If you participate in one of the school division’s health insurance plans, please also bring your insurance card.

To expedite the process, you are welcome to complete the Vaccine Consent Form in advance and bring it with you. Consent forms will be available on-site as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What vaccines will be offered this year?
We will be offering Influenza varieties (including high-dose for ages 65+) to protect against flu; Tdap to protect against tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis; MMR to protect against measles, mumps and rubella; and Shingrix (for ages 50+) to protect against shingles. Note: The newly approved COVID vaccines and RSV vaccines also will be offered!

Q: Can I still get vaccinated if I’m sick or if I have medical conditions?
There are certain conditions that influence who should and should not proceed with vaccination. For guidance, see Who Should and Who Should NOT Get a Flu Vaccine (CDC) or speak directly with your health care provider regarding your specific concerns.

Q: Can I bring my child or spouse?
At this time, on-site clinics are limited to ACPS employees. See more information below on Family options.

Off-Site & Family Options

  • An adult covered on an ACPS health plan (spouses, dependents, retirees, etc.) may go to ANY pharmacy to get the vaccinations. Pharmacy policies on vaccinating children vary by age, so call ahead for minors or check with your child’s medical provider. All you need to bring is your Anthem card to take advantage of this benefit.
  • An employee who is not covered on an ACPS health plan will need to print a Free Immunization Voucher and then take the voucher to Giant or Martin’s Pharmacy in order to take advantage of this benefit.

Additional Questions or Concerns

For more information, please visit BeWell Albemarle’s Flu+ Vaccine Clinics web page, or reach out to:

Michelle Bailey, RN, BSN
HR Program Manager, Safety & Wellness
434-296-5827, ext. 13941