All Instruction Will Be Asynchronous on November 2, Plus November 3 Now a Holiday for All Employees

November 3, 2020 Election Day

Monday, November 2, is now a trade-off day for parent conferences. November 2 will still be an instructional day for students; however, all instruction will be asynchronous. Our school buildings will be closed to all students on November 2; there will be no in-person access. We will share this information with families later this week.

Teachers may use November 2 for parent conferences, or they may set up conferences outside of school hours and use November 2 as a trade-off day for that time.

As you know, Tuesday, November 3, is Election Day and a Virginia state holiday. November 3 was already approved as a non-student day and a non-workday for 10-month staff on our 2020-21 school year calendar. The School Board has now extended November 3 as a holiday for our 11- and 12-month employees as well. Essential personnel who must open schools to be used as polling places on November 3 will be granted a floating holiday to use at their convenience.

The majority of our schools are used as polling stations. With the exception of access for voting, all of our school buildings will be closed to staff, students, and the public on November 3.