Statement on Public Sector Collective Bargaining in Albemarle County Public Schools

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On Thursday afternoon, September 7, shortly after the fourth regularly scheduled negotiation session between the School Board and the Albemarle Education Association (AEA) began, the AEA representatives terminated the discussions and walked out of the meeting. The School Board representatives remained at the negotiating table for another 30 minutes, but the AEA representatives did not return.

Progress toward the School Board’s adoption of a mutually agreed-upon collective bargaining agreement was being made. Continue reading

School Board Resolution in Honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 8-12

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WHEREAS, 70 years ago, our nation first set aside a day of recognition of teachers, following a public campaign led by former First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, and,

WHEREAS, in 1980, the first full week in May officially became a national time of celebration of the contributions teachers make to the lives of students, families and communities across our nation and the world, and,

WHEREAS, this year the first full school week in May is from May 8-12, and, Continue reading

One-Time Bonuses, Some Pay Increases Coming in December

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At its November 10 meeting, the Albemarle County School Board approved one-time bonuses for all employees as part of its consent agenda. 

Per the Compensation Study Follow-Up presentation to the board on October 27, all regular staff members will receive a one-time bonus in their December 9 paycheck. Regular employees who work between a 0.7 and 1.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) will receive $1,000, and regular employees who work less than a 0.7 FTE will receive a $750 supplement.

Also taking effect in December are pay increases for some employee groups as part of Phase 1 of the Compensation Study completed by the Human Resources department earlier this year. Continue reading

School Board Grants Additional Thanksgiving Holiday Leave to All 12-Month Employees

Happy Thanksgiving

With appreciation and gratitude for everything you do each day for our students, their families, your colleagues, and our school community, the Albemarle County School Board has approved the superintendent’s request to grant a half-day holiday for all employees scheduled to work on Wednesday, November 23. This decision follows similar declarations by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. All ACPS offices and facilities will now close four hours early on November 23. (This day was already scheduled as a non-student day.)

Best wishes to you all for a very happy Thanksgiving holiday!

School Board Approves Pay Increases in Response to Comprehensive Study

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Moving quickly to implement the findings of a comprehensive study and analysis of its ability to recruit and retain a high-quality workforce, the school board, at their meeting on October 27, 2022, approved recommendations from the Department of Human Resources to move forward with a series of pay increases for key positions beginning in December. Please read our October 28 news release for details! Continue reading

School Board Strongly Objects to Proposed State Policy That Would Reduce Protections for Transgender & Gender-Expansive Students


The Albemarle County School Board said today that it “respectfully but vigorously” disagrees with a newly proposed state policy that would reduce protections for transgender and gender-expansive students. Several elements of the proposed policy are in conflict with the school board’s August 2021 Policy on the Treatment of Transgender and Gender-Expansive Students, which was adopted in accordance with guidance provided in 2021 by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). Continue reading

School Board Adopts Budget & Directs Exploration of an Expanded Employee Engagement Program

2022-23 Budget

During last evening’s meeting of the Albemarle County School Board, board members unanimously approved the proposed 2022-23 school year budget without change. The new budget of $246.45 million includes a 6% compensation increase for all employees in addition to the 4% increase that took effect in March. For details on the newly-adopted budget, please see the May 12 slide presentation.

Board members also voted not to move forward, at this time, with a resolution proposed by the Albemarle Education Association (AEA) that would have authorized the negotiation of a collective bargaining agreement. Instead, the board directed the division to explore how best to expand current opportunities for even more employees to have input on school operations, policies, budgets, and programs. These recommendations will come before the board for review within 90 days. Continue reading

All Regular Employees to Receive a 4% Pay Increase

During the first school board meeting of the new year, held yesterday evening, Albemarle County School Board members voted unanimously to approve a recommendation from Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Matthew Haas, that all regular employees receive a 4% pay increase effective with the pay period that begins February 26, 2022. The first paycheck to reflect the increase will be on Friday, March 18, 2022. Continue reading

Half-Day of Leave Granted to All 12-Month Employees on Nov. 24

Happy Thanksgiving! Following Governor Northam’s announcement that November 24 will be a half-day for state employees, the Albemarle County School Board has granted the same for ACPS employees. Now, in addition to closing for Thanksgiving on Thursday and Friday, November 25 and 26, the board has approved a half-day of leave on Wednesday, November 24, for all 12-month employees. All school division offices will close for the Thanksgiving holiday at 12 noon on November 24.

One-Time Payment in December, Plus a Medical & Dental Rate Holiday in November

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In recognition of the ongoing dedication of ACPS employees during the pandemic, the school board has approved a recommendation from Superintendent Haas to provide a one-time payment to all regular employees this December! Regular full-time employees and part-time employees with a total full-time equivalent (FTE) of 0.7 or greater will receive $1,000. Employees who work less than 0.7 FTE will receive a $750 supplement. Employees must be employed by November 30 and receive a paycheck in December to be eligible for this additional pay.

Also, as previously announced in an issue of benefitsFOCUS, we are pleased to share that we will be offering a premium holiday in November to all medical and dental plan participants! Continue reading