Annual State of the Division Report

State of the Division 2019

Our annual State of the Division report serves to provide information to the School Board and school community about the school division’s successes and challenges from the previous school year. The State of the Division 2019 report highlights growth worth celebrating, but it also reveals deficiencies. We titled the report, “A Work in Progress,” acknowledging that the core of our work as a public school system is about generating progress, and that, as a community of learners, we are committed to continuous improvement. Visit the State of the Division web page »

The purpose of transparently sharing this information is threefold. First, the school division uses the State of the Division report as an accountability mechanism through which we identify weaknesses, address root causes, and track future progress in meeting targets. Second, the report becomes the rationale for the decisions we make, whether we are evaluating an instructional method, shaping a systemic practice, or considering budget priorities. Third, sharing the report with you, as well as our students and their families and our community members, offers another opportunity for engagement.