Schoology: End-of-Year Info

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Secondary Teachers: As we approach the end of the school year, here are a few things to know about your Schoology courses moving forward:

  • All courses will be archived automatically. 
  • We encourage all teachers to review all of their created course content and create a reusable course copy of all content prior to June 30, 2021. We have created this End of Year Best Practices resource to support this process.
  • Archived courses retain all content and enrollments. Rosters, materials, gradebook, etc., will still be available to teachers.
  • Archived courses do not expire at the end of the school year. Teachers and students will continue to have access.
  • Teachers and students can find their archived courses under My Courses > Archived.

If you have any questions about archived courses or how to access your archived course, please reach out to your Schoology Support Team.