Recent Pay Raise & A Reminder to Check Your Deductions

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We are excited to remind you that the Albemarle County School Board approved a 4% pay increase for all employees in December 2021 that took effect on Saturday, February 26. Human Resources has been hard at work updating data in the system and testing to ensure that the data will flow properly into pay under the new system. The 4% increase will be reflected in your paycheck on March 18, 2022.

For employees at the top of their pay scale, we want to remind you that pay scales will move in response to this increase. Any new rate of pay that takes an employee over the maximum for their position’s pay grade will be handled in the same manner the school division has handled annual increases historically. Those employees who exceed the new maximum will be notified of their situation in writing. A lump sum payment for any amount over the maximum will be provided in a paycheck around the end of the fiscal year.

Also, we have reached the two-month mark under our new payroll schedule. As such, be sure you are checking your pay stubs in ADP regularly and reviewing them to ensure that you understand your check and the various deductions on it. Please email if deductions seem incorrect or if you don’t recognize deductions.

Here are some helpful tools as you review your paycheck and deductions for accuracy:

  • Regular deductions for benefits: Please note that your rates are dependent on full-time versus part-time status and that there are different rates for employees paid over 10 or 12 months.
  • Virginia Retirement System: To review information about your employee share and options

Should you see information that does not appear to be accurate, please reach out to:

As always, thanks for all you do to support students and families.