Personal Leave: Feedback Requested by May 15

Personal leave on sticky note on work desk

Throughout the spring semester, the Employee Voice and Action Committee (EVAAC) has been evaluating several issues related to working conditions for ACPS employees. At this point, we would like to share an update on our work pertaining to personal leave, which is earned by 10- and 11-month employees. (This should not be confused with annual leave, which is earned by 12-month employees.) In addition to sharing this update, we are asking 10- and 11-month employees for input to guide our next steps.

In response to concerns that 10- and 11-month employees have raised about personal leave, the committee has examined availability of and access to both personal leave and sick leave; the number of leave days an employee can use per school year; acceptable attendance; and use of personal leave in conjunction with school breaks. Through a collaborative effort, the committee has developed several revisions to the division’s Leave Program policy that could be recommended to the school board for action. Before we take that step, we would like to hear from the employees who would be impacted by these policy revisions. Your feedback matters!

All 10- and 11-month employees: Please take a few moments to respond to our 4-question survey by 5 p.m. on Monday, May 15:

As a reminder, EVAAC makes our work available to all ACPS employees on our SharePoint website. (Access requires ACPS login.) We encourage all employees to visit our site to learn more about the committee, including our processes and a list of current members, and to access our meeting minutes and materials. If you have any questions, please reach out to your school or department representative. If your school or department does not currently have representation on the committee and you would like to join, please discuss your interest with your principal or supervisor.

The Employee Voice and Action Committee (EVAAC) is an employee focus group intended as a means of mutual interaction between management and staff to provide staff a voice in the operation of ACPS. Input and feedback from the EVAAC will be shared with the school board and superintendent to guide decision-making around policy and operational decisions affecting student needs, school and department climate, and working conditions for all employees across schools and departments.