May 2022 Policy Updates

Policy Updates

Albemarle County Public Schools has a number of policies that govern our operations in alignment with state code and our division vision, mission and values. Our policies must be reviewed once every five years, though we often review them more frequently due to changes in Virginia Code or the needs of our school system. As part of the review process, we use our Equity Checklist to ensure that our policies are having a positive impact on equity in the school division. So far in 2022, we have updated, revised or deleted 52 policies. Continue reading

Did You Work With an Instructional Coach This Year?


Teachers: If you worked with an instructional coach this year and your time together exceeded 5 hours, you have earned professional development (PD) points! Instructional coaches were asked to submit the number of hours that they worked with teacher partners this school year, and these hours will be posted on each individual teacher’s PD transcript by June 10, 2022. Continue reading