Virtual Gratitude Campaign 2022: Join Our Gratitude Jamboard!

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As we transition into fall, you may notice the weather is a little cooler, the days are a little shorter, and the trees and plants around us have begun to transform. They are shedding what they no longer need in preparation for new growth in the spring.

Fall is a symbolic time of year when we get to reflect on where we are in life, where we want to go, and how we want to get there. It’s also a time of acknowledgement. Sit with those feelings you are ready to release, similar to the way the trees gently let go of their leaves. Can you align yourself a little more with the environment around you and use this time to shed what no longer serves you? Is there something you need to work through in order to let go? Can you invite the intention of new beginnings?

As everything around us spins, feverishly transitioning and transforming, allow yourself some time and grace, just as you would do for your best friend, your child, your partner. May this guide be a gentle reminder to check in with yourself and a resource to refill your cup. After all, it’s almost the season of giving, and you can’t give from an empty cup! And remember, after a period of transformation, there is new growth.

Letting Go Can Be Beautiful

1. Reminisce


Something causing you trouble? Look back to the earliest time you can remember feeling that way.

Journal about it: What happened? Who was there? How did you feel? What conclusions did you come to?

3. Review


Examine the beliefs you have now identified. Try viewing the situations that led to those beliefs from other angles, other perspectives even. Were you unnecessarily hard on yourself? Did you absorb the beliefs of other influential people in your life without recognizing that YOU HAD CHOICES?

Re-View: Consider it from another point of view and give yourself some grace. Choose a new belief that works better/best for you.

5. Receive


Great! Now what?! Releasing thoughts renews your energy and allows you to receive that energy back. Imagine the leaves, released from the grip of spring and summer, resting on the forest floor. As they turn to compost, the once vibrant nutrients return to the soil, supporting the ecosystem within.

2. Reflect


Now, take those memories that you reminisced about and reflect. How would you sum up what you believed in that moment about yourself or about your life?

Write it down. Reflect on all the ways that belief has played out in your life. You may unearth other projections of that belief that branched out into other areas of your life and then reinforced it.

4. Release


Just as the trees release their leaves, consider releasing these thoughts altogether. It is SO much easier to let go of unhealthy thoughts and beliefs when you’ve gone through this process of Reminisce-Reflect-Review, because it takes the mystery and power out of them. Ultimately, there are simply just different ways to perceive and react.

Just like the leaves, at one point in your life, those feelings and beliefs probably served a purpose, but that time is long over. Thoughts should be used to serve a helpful purpose and then released so that new inspiration can flow. Rather than just telling your thoughts to go away, practice presence. Shift your attention to what is right here, right now.

When you let go of negative thoughts, you receive back all of the energy you were expending on keeping them alive. That’s some powerful thought composting! Everything in life offers us something in the present moment.


Now that we have some extra space, let’s start refilling that cup with positivi-tea! Being more grateful can lead to enhanced well-being, deeper relationships, improved mood, and better physical and mental wellness and more!

We welcome you to join us in sharing about some of the people, places, things, etc., in your life for which you are grateful or that bring you joy! You can tag a work friend or colleague as a public shout-out in a moment of gratitude, or you can leave an anonymous comment about something that holds value for you. Let’s hold space for one another as we enter into this holiday season:

Feel free to comment on more than one page if you’re feeling extra thankful! Our 2022 Gratitude Jamboard will be editable through the end of November 2022.

Stay safe, and happy writing!

Our Employee Assistance Program Is Here for You

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As we navigate through the next few days, please remember: Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has counselors available if you or someone in your household needs support. Our EAP provider, GuidanceResources, offers an abundance of self-serve tools, including 24/7 on-demand counselors. You are entitled to 8 free sessions per calendar year. Call 833-306-0108 (toll-free) for direct, 24/7 access to a GuidanceConsultant who will answer your questions and, if needed, refer you to a counselor or other resources, or visit (Web ID: ALBEMARLE). Continue reading

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Updated Workers’ Compensation Contact Info & Important Reminders

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2022 ACPS Vaccination Clinics: Schedule Now Available

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The following article was updated on September 28, 2022, with links to the clinic schedule and vaccine consent form.

We are happy to announce that ACPS and Giant have partnered again this year to bring important vaccinations to 50 school and local government locations throughout Albemarle County. All ACPS employees (including part-time, temporary, substitutes, interns, and student teachers) are eligible to receive flu and other vaccinations with no out-of-pocket cost, even if you do not participate in the school division’s health insurance program.

Onsite vaccination clinics are underway and will continue into mid-November. Click here to view the full schedule.

You are welcome to attend any of the clinics held at any of the locations listed on the schedule. You are not limited to your work site or the date on which your work site falls. Continue reading

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Flu+ Vaccine Clinics Now Underway

fall leaves with bandage that reads: Get the shot, not the flu

All Albemarle County employees (including part-time, temporary, substitutes, interns, and student teachers) and all public safety volunteers (Fire Rescue, Police, Sheriff’s Office) are eligible to receive flu and other vaccinations with no out-of-pocket cost, even if you are not covered on the County health plan. On-site flu clinics are now available! Continue reading

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This post has been updated to reflect that installation of intercom systems at school entrances is still underway.

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