How Does Open Enrollment Connect With the Payroll Clarity Project?

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Now that Open Enrollment is open, you may be wondering how your benefit selections tie into the Payroll Clarity Project. Although the employee premium rates for medical and dental benefits are not changing in 2022, the deductions will look a little different as we transition to a Positive Pay model. Take a look at the following video presentation for more details on how this transition will impact your benefit deductions: Continue reading

Open Enrollment Open Now Through Nov. 12!

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Attention All Employees! Your annual benefits Open Enrollment window is open now through November 12. Open Enrollment is your ONE time of year to make any changes you wish to your current medical or dental elections. You can add/drop/change a plan or add/drop dependents. It’s also the one time of year when you can enroll in a medical or dependent care FSA (Flexible Spending Account). Plus, it’s always a good idea to log in to your personal Open Enrollment site annually to verify your plan elections and confirm other information about yourself and your covered dependents. Continue reading

Do You Have Questions for the Payroll Clarity Project Team?

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The Payroll Clarity Project Team knows that many of you have questions about our upcoming transition to Positive Pay, and we would like to hear them! We have created a Payroll Clarity Project Questions Google Form that employees can use to submit up to three questions about the project. We will gather your questions and use them to update the Frequently Asked Questions on Finance & Budget’s Payroll Clarity Project web page. We will also address many of your questions during our informational sessions in the coming weeks. Continue reading

Payroll Clarity Project: How Does This Impact You?

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In this week’s look at the Payroll Clarity Project, we will examine how the project will impact our employees individually and provide some suggestions on how to prepare for the transition. To learn more about how the Payroll Clarity Project will impact you, please select the appropriate employee category below and click to watch the corresponding screencast: Continue reading

Payroll Clarity Project: What Is Changing?

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As we announced in a September 2 Compass post, Albemarle County and Albemarle County Public Schools will be moving to a bi-weekly pay schedule in January 2022. The goal of the Payroll Clarity Project team is to assist all of our employees through this transition as best we can. We recognize that this is a big change that will impact all of our employees differently. This is why, from now until at least the end of January, we will be sharing information with you through the Compass about the changes that are coming and the resources that are available to help you plan for this shift. It is incredibly important that you pay attention to these messages to be ready for the payroll change.

This week, we are covering the basics of the Payroll Clarity Project: What exactly is changing? We aim to help our employees understand the basics of the project so that it’s easier to plan for the future. Continue reading

Payroll Clarity Project Update

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Dear Colleagues:

Earlier today, you may have seen an email from the Albemarle County Chief Financial Officer regarding training for our Payroll Clarity Project. Please do not register for these training sessions. ACPS will be providing training for school division employees in the coming weeks. Until then, please review this informational poster, which includes information on why this change is taking place, how it will take place, and how to access free financial planning resources: Payroll Clarity Project Poster.

For more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Payroll Clarity Project web page. Please direct questions to

New COVID-19 Leave Program for Employees as of Oct. 1


The Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA) Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) and Expanded FMLA (EFMLA) are set to expire today, September 30, 2021. With the expiration of EPSL and EFMLA, Albemarle County Public Schools is pleased to announce the creation of the COVID Leave Bank, equivalent to 10 days of leave for all regular employees, effective October 1, 2021 – January 31, 2022. Continue reading

Unsolicited Requests from Financial Services Vendors

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Human Resources wants you to be aware that multiple employees have recently reported receiving unsolicited, targeted emails from financial planning representatives that were not sanctioned by the division.

Please note the following important reminders and tips:

  • Under no circumstances does Human Resources provide employee email addresses to outside vendors. Continue reading

Coming January 2022: Pay Frequency Will Increase for All Employees

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Albemarle County is committed to enhancing the well-being and quality of life for all residents. We take pride in offering our employees access to a pay and benefits program that is comprehensive, competitive, FLSA-compliant, and convenient. To that end, we are making changes to align our pay cycles. Starting in January 2022, we will pay all Albemarle County and Albemarle County Public Schools employees on a biweekly basis, every other Friday. The first biweekly paycheck will be distributed on January 21, 2022. Continue reading

2021-22 Staff Kronos Calendars Now Published

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Staff calendars for the 2021-22 school year are now published on the Time and Attendance Documentation web page (under “Timekeepers”). Please use the published Kronos calendars for guidance on your schedule rather than what you see on your future timecard, as timecards do not always show holidays and non-work days until the actual work week.

Continue reading